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Great drone safety resources

After you register your first drone on the FAA Drone Website you can use the same FAA issued registration number on ALL of your drones without paying additional fees. This applies only to Recreational Flyers.

Commercial operators operating under Part 107 must register each drone.

Two free apps to easily get FAA clearance to fly in restricted areas



OpenSky allows me to fly up to 400 feet at my store when Aloft only gets me 100.

DJI GEO Zone is the best and you can get 365 days at a time at 400 feet.

Click here for the DJI GEO Zone & Unlock Request site

FAA Drone Websites

Visit the Federal Aviation Administration’s drone page https://www.faa.gov/uas/.

YOU need to complete your free FAA TRUST test to be legal to fly below.

Click to see complete FAA information on TRUST.

Click here for the list ot FAA TRUST Test Administrators.

Click here for Part 107 sUAS Initial –Part 61 Pilots Introduction for commercial operators

Waukesha County Airport Drone Safety website  Lots of great information